MTC Week 2

Monday, November 14, 2016 we were supposed to be on a flight to South Africa. Unfortunately, our visas had not yet arrived and Wednesday we learned our visas to South Africa had been denied. We had thought about this possibility and decided that if the Lord needed us in South Africa the way would be provided for us to go, but if not, we knew that we must be needed more someplace else. So we asked what came next and the very nice travel lady told us that was up to the missionary department.

We called them on Wednesday afternoon after classes, and another very nice lady told us the man who handled that was out but that she would email him and he would get back to us on Thursday. Sure enough, Thursday morning we heard from an extremely nice man and he told us we would probably be reassigned to a mission within the United States. Then early in the afternoon he called again and said they had decided to appeal the denial of our visa, and that we would be temporarily assigned as live-at-home MLS missionaries in the Texas Dallas mission until our visa status was resolved and then we would (probably) go to South Africa.  However, that plan was contingent on approval by the Missionary Committee which would, he said, probably take until the next Wednesday or Thursday. Then, an hour later he called again and said the Missionary Committee had expedited the process and approved the plan.

So, we are headed back to Texas on Monday, November 21 2016 to be live-at-home MLS missionaries assigned to the Texas Dallas mission until our visas can be approved.  We are really excited to serve in Texas especially since we have been doubly trained. Which would make sense we guess since we hopefully will serve in the South Africa mission when our visa status has been successfully appealed. Kind of a two-missions-in-one deal.


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