Still Here

It appears that it is time for a semiannual post. For those who have not heard, our visas to South Africa were well and truly denied. The guinea pig the church sent after us with more documentation proving that we don’t get paid and don’t need a work visa, was also denied. So we are now here for the duration of our mission as live-at-home Member Leader Support (MLS – formerly proselyting) missionaries assigned to the Texas Dallas Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We love it.

The people of the Dallas 6th Ward are wonderful, caring and amazing people. Hmm, those young missionaries appear to be rubbing off on us – next I’ll be using “awesome” and “totally” and “freaking” all over. That really is a great blessing of this mission – being able to interact more with the great 18-20 year old young men and young women who are serving with us. We provide a lot of air-conditioned automobile rides for the bicycle riding missionaries. Usually with an hour or two notice. Sigh. But we totally enjoy their dedication and company.

We have taken a few pictures to enhance this rather staid blog, but unfortunately it has taken too long to write this brief amount. So the pictures will be uploaded later. Hopefully sooner rather than much later.